Composting is a way of disposing of biodegradable rubbish so that it is turned into a natural and reusable resource rather than simply being placed in a landfill site. Here, certain types of rubbish can be composted whereby they degrade into a composting material that can be used in both commercial and domestic agricultural systems.

Some people will set up their own composting at home by buying a composting bin. Here you will simply use your waste to make compost that you can use in your garden or on your allotment. Other will use a council run facility whereby they are given a special rubbish bin for various types of waste that will be taken away regularly. Here the rubbish that you thrown away will be taken to an industrial composting site where it will be allowed to turn into compost that can then be sold on or used by councils.

In general terms there are many different kinds of rubbish that you can use in any kind of composting bin. You can, for example, compost certain types of food waste from cooked foods to fruit and vegetable peelings. You can also compost cardboard, newspapers and envelopes without windows, for example. And, garden waste is an ideal addition to any composting or recycling bin.